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The Dream Job Hindi Movie Releasing in June 2017
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Movie Credits:
Starring: Zuber K Khan, Prasad Shikhare, Sadhvi Bhatt, Ritambhra Shrotriya , Vikas Shrivastava, Durgesh Kumar, Sajjad Khan

Directed by: Mukesh Mishra

Produced by: Vinod Adaskar, Santosh Patil, B.V.Chopde, S Gore & Mukesh Mishra

“Owe the Responsibility / be the owner of the situation& Convert opportunity in to a massive Success” is “The Real Work!”

The Dream Job, the motion picture produced by Real Reels Production is a film that journeys through the delicate lives of a group of contemporary youth in the world of private banking. The Dream Job is a story of the blossoming and unravelling lives of this group of youth.
Mukesh, Kapil, Mona, Pinki, RK and Parvez are passing out of their graduate college and fate has it that they are getting employed in a private bank. As if wending through a baptism of fire it’s a story of their coming-of-age as they step into a harsher world of work and livelihood. It’s also a poignant tale of the young making and breaking formative relationships of love and use, and the slow realisation of their lasting aspirations and real responsibilities.
We undertake a journey with them of metamorphosis and transformation, of knowing and of becoming…

What is a life in Banking? In its most condensed form it is a ringside view of all that goes into the making of the human trust. It’s a microcosmic portrait of how pure the trust can stay or to what an extent its practice can be twisted and cannibalised. It is an oblique and unconventional roller coaster of human relationships at their best and their worst. It is a peep into the lives and the business institution that they have created which proclaims to solely organise itself around the ethics of trust and relationships…
Starting at the end of their college lives our protagonists step out into an unknown life of work that for them is full of promise and fear, anxiety and exhilaration. Mukesh and Mona, Kapil and Pinki get college-recruited to EBI Bank. And begins their arduous adventure into the world of work…
The job at EBI bank becomes for our protagonists a coming-of-age journey. Within this journey is also a recounting of two tender love stories: one that keeps building on the good that can exist between two people and their need to nurture it; and the other that seems to falter at the steps of short-term needs, cracking under the half-baked quick-fix solutions we often prop to justify our flawed choices!
Through a constellation of characters we get a firsthand and direct experience of the fast-paced, stressful and yet a very colourful life in the Banking sector. The pressure-cooker like atmosphere at the end of a financial year, the constant demand to increase accounts, mad rush to sell insurances, and crushing need to push credit cards, withstanding all this scamper and shove in The Dream Job we get the picture of an employee’s courage and grit to go on with life. We catch whiff of the peculiar inventive wit and crackling humour with which bank employees make light of their otherwise harsh professional life.
The Dream Job is a film that opens up in detail on Indian theatre screens perhaps for the first time this otherwise very seldom seen world of Banking. With this world we see a kaleidoscope of people who work for this microcosm, their stories of love and courage, fall and rise, separations and coming together, their accepting of the way-the-world-is and yet a pushing of the envelope and forging together of a new way of being and living….

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