TBDA PassiveHouse 2016 InSoFast affordability

An InSoFast home, cost of ownership is a wash! Better to invest in insulation then pay more for energy, which is an uncertain cost over time.

We take a look at what Tom says,” That we are close to a “sweet spot” for ideal thermal envelope investment, the “InSoFast” route looks sweeter.

Should NET ZERO have a place at the table when site conditions allow?

Continuous insulation refined

Thermal Control Layer
The addition of InSoFast’s exterior rigid insulation can significantly improve the wall assembly thermal performance because it provides a continuous insulation layer that diminishes the impact of thermal bridges caused by framing.
Thermal bridging through framing components reduces envelope insulation performance by 15-20% in wood frame construction and by 40%-60% in metal frame construction
Continuous Insulation (Ci) is an insulation blanket around the exterior of the structure. Ci creates a thermal break between wall framing and the exterior conditions. Installing CI reduces energy loss caused by bridging over the thermal gaps at the wood or metal studs and other wall framing components. Additionally, InSoFast’s insulation on the exterior of wall framing reduces potential for moisture problems. InSoFast acts as a moisture barrier, so water that gets into the wall system is deflected or drained away. Next InSoFast when insulation is placed on the exterior of the wall structure, the dew point is moved outward reducing the potential for condensation on the warm side of the wall where building materials are more sensitive to rotting.
InSoFast’s ci systems integrates the following key features: continuous insulation (ci), an air/moisture barrier, drainage, capillary breaks, and a variety of finish options to create a superior, sustainable wall cladding. This high-performing, insulation panel saves energy and returns your investment for years to come. InSoFast ci improves indoor comfort and air quality and lowering life-cycle costs.
Advancements in energy efficiency requirements for homes has practically mandated continuous insulation as a thermally efficient means of code compliance for standard or higher levels of performance homes or dwellings.
The threat of moisture damage also is reduced
InSoFast’s advanced panel additionally to reducing heat loss and increasing the R-value of the wall system, the other benefits of putting insulation on the outside of your wall: Include reducing the chance for the moisture in the cavity (water vapor) to condense on the inside face of the sheathing, which happens when the sheathing temperature is below the dew point. This moisture can lead to mold and mildew, and can reduce the effectiveness of the cavity insulation and ultimately shorten the life of the wall through rot. You have to ask yourself, “Why not use InSoFast to prevent rot?”

InSoFast has an effective dual rainscreen pre-engineered into our continuous insulation panels.

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